Michael Fasano founded the Fasano Law Firm out of the need in the South Florida community for high-quality, personalized, legal services offered at price point that makes sense for local entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Too often, clients are faced with one of two unappealing choices when purchasing legal services: (1) Engage an expensive large law firm that places your interests second to large institutional clients; or (2) Engage affordable counsel that promises big and delivers small. We find this choice to be unacceptable.

At the Fasano Law Firm, we are uniquely positioned to offer the highest quality legal services with flexible fee arrangements that make sense for clients in the community. Our attorneys have handled some of the largest cases in the United States with some of the most comprehensive press coverage. They have also represented local business people looking for efficient solutions to their legal problems.

This combination gives us a perspective that others just do not have. We look forward to becoming your strategic partner and providing real solutions for all of your legal needs. This is the Fasano Law Firm.